For better or worse, most of us are attached to our phones pretty much 24/7, and we’re always on-the-go, so it’s a given that keeping our devices charged is one of our biggest must haves today.

Obviously, keeping our phones charged is of utmost importance because there’s always a chance of a good selfie with friends here at the mall. Keeping our cellphones stylish is also another way of showing our personality or mood for the day.

For these reasons we are sharing this great news that FONESTYLE is now open at SM City San Pablo. Now it’s easy to personalize your phone or tablet with an initial or sparkle tech case or amp up your style with speakers and headphones to match your everyday vibe. Their store  has a lot quality phone accessories on discounted prices. Toy can easily locate them at the second floor near SM Cinema.

FONE STYLE offers wide array of accessories to make every gadget-lover feel like they’re in paradise. They also have cellphones like OPPO, LG and SAMSUNG for shoppers who’s looking for upgrading their devices..They also offer rimax rechargeable batteries in different colors. Shop now in FONESTYLE, the ultimate gadget shop for all your must have gadgets only here at SM City San Pablo. (NWR)




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