The Best Halo Halo in town -Razon’s of Gua gua is now Open in SM City San Pablo.

Known for their delectable halo-halo and Filipino comfort food, Razon’s of Guagua is now open at SM City San Pablo at the second floor, former Food court area.

A brief history OF Razon’s of Gua Gua is that Razon’s store started as a mini-stall or “refreshment parlor” at the Razon residence in L.M. subdivision in Guagua. Due to the simple yet excellent taste of the halo-halo, the store became extremely popular through word-of-mouth. Today, they have no less than 60 branches all over Luzon and their 60th branch here at San Pablo City.

“How can a simple mix of sun-ripened banana (saging na saba), shredded macapuno, and leche plan with dayap rind taste so good?! It is as if they are blended into perfection that their sweetness does not overpower one another and the its taste is not boringly sweet. There is something with the mix of the ingredients, milk, and shaved ice that makes this the best halo-halo in town. Indeed, it is simple but excellent in taste!” (Excerpt from

All in all SM City San Pablo is happy to share that Razon’s of Gua Gua is now accessible to san pablenos.

They also take pride with their Pancit LugLug, All Day Breakfast, Kapampangan specialties, and merienda combos like ensaymada, sylnavas, homeburger and many more. So what are you waiting for, Come and visit SM City San Pablo! (nwr)Razons of Guagua-1024


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