Pet friendly Play Date at SM City San Pablo

Shopping with a friend can be a blast. Its way more fun than shopping alone. Dog lovers know a trip to the store with our four-legged friends can be fun that is why just last Saturday, SM City San Pablo dedicated its entire afternoon for pet lovers.


It was a fun filled family day for  both shoppers and their fur babies last March 12,2016 in SM City San Pablo. The mall atrium was tranformed into one pet friendly backyard inspired area. There where 3 stations dedicated for vaccines, grooming and treats. The vaccination is in partnership with San pablo City  Veterinary office headed by Dr. Fara Orsolino.  Around 100 pets participated in the event .San Pablo City Dog Club headed by Club President Benjamin Tan also supported Pet’s Day.


Royal Canin Philippines  and  Ace Hardware-Pet care and grooming supplies are some of the major sponsors for the event. Jollibee, Pizza hut and KFC also supported the event. Thankfully, today malls such as SM allow dogs to join in, and SM has dedicated a date for a shopping adventure for you and your pets. The rise in pet ownership and pet humanization lead to more opportunities to have our pets in the mall.


PR Manager Nina Wong Rada said “There is an increasing trend of making pets feel comfortable in a similar manner as we human beings do and here at SM San Pablo we tend to keep our fur babies happy”.



Pet friendly Play Date at SM City San Pablopets day


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