Inspiring People with Disability Showcased their Talents in SM City San Pablo


Despite their disabilities, these kids from Pag ibib at Pag asa  realized their dreams and continue to push for a better life. PWD stands for person with disability — and how apt that the word “person” comes before “disability”. Just because these people have to live with physically and mentally challenging conditions doesn’t mean that their world ends there. Like each and every one of us, our actions are our fate.

In honor of the strength of our PWD kids who are in their quest in maximizing their potential, SM City San Pablo in celebration of its 30th anniversary has put together a list of 30 inspiring Filipino PWDs  kids who are making their own small changes in the community through their artistic talents.

These kids are:VISUALLY IMPAIRED Abraham Baja  and Jean Lizzette Urriquia – embossing skills. HEARING IMPAIRED Dan Avery Tolentino – painting using water color, Emmanuelle Reyes – painting using cray pas,Louie Jay Hapin – bracelet/necklace/anklet making,RAYJHAN MADLANSACAY – paper weaving,Mary Jane Abril – paper mache with paint,Velarie Manilag – coconut art painting, Banie Galvizo – paper handicrafts, Edzel Domingo – plastic recycled pillow making, Jerick Cabasa – necklace making,Paul Osthin S. Emralino – necklace making, Rj Nico Abad – Bamboo handicraft making, Sherilyn Camara – coconut art designing,Pauline Andrea Galvez- paper handicrafts,Cynthia Millares- coloring skills. INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED-,Rose Ann Velasco – paper mosaic ,Rovan Millares – canvas printing,Lawrence Balderama – bamboo handicrafts.FAST LEARNERS Ron Vincent Hila – card making,,Ryenn Glorioso – collage making using seeds,Jhynne Xalve Porcioncula – collage making using egg shells.AUTISTIC. Aaron Cosico – paper folding, David Baracol – coloring/drawing skills. GRADUATES-Leah Dingcong – beads crafts,Anacitah Domingo – cross stitchingIrene Fule – doll dress making,elen Bautista – painting using oil and charcoal,Arlene Ajes – photography Geneva Hubilla – photography and lastly SPOKEN WORD by Noemi Ann Gercayo- Child with Autism.

It’s not huge acts that make someone inspirational. It’s the daily effort to better yourself in whatever situation you find yourself in. These kids with special needs are an inspiration not just to PWDs, but to the rest of us as well.

SM Supermalls thru SM Cares SM Cares is committed to making every SM Mall, a mall for all. We want everyone to have the same fun and privileges as everybody else as we create a barrier-free environment, similarly providing a place where customers with special needs feel safe and welcome.



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