Summer Play: Your Haven of Fun here at SM San Pablo


Summer is officially upon us and with its warm embrace comes the much-awaited summer activities. Here at SM City Pablo we make everyday malling fun for everyone especially the kids that visit us with their families. For SM Summer Play event ,  at total of 27 kids experience how it is to play the traditional Filipino games-thus introducing them to patintero and piko.

Patintero is one of the most popular Filipino street games.Patintero, also called Harangang Taga or Tubigan (in English try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you) – There are two teams playing: an attack team and a defense team; with five (5) players for each team. The attack team must try to run along the perpendicular lines from the home-base to the back-end, and return without being tagged by the defence players.

Members of the defense team are called it, and must stand on the water lines(also “fire lines”) with both feet each time they try to tag attacking players. The player at the center line is called “Patotot”. The perpendicular line in the middle allows the it designated on that line to intersect the lines occupied by the it that the parallel line intersects, thus increasing the chances of the runners to be trapped, even only one(1) member of a group is tagged the whole group will be the “it”.

Piko is the Philippine variation of the game hopscotch. The players stand behind the edge of a box, and each should throw their cue ball. The first to play is determined depending on the players’ agreement (e.g. nearest to the moon, wings or chest). Whoever succeeds in throwing the cue ball nearest to the place that they have agreed upon will play first. The next nearest is second, and so on. (

Through event like this ,SM Supermalls gives opportunity for the youth to hone their creativity and social skills thus supporting their development . This is also an easy way to keep little ones entertained all summer long.


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