With temperatures rising and the heat index soaring this long hot summer, you can beat the heat and stay cool with inverters from SM Appliance Center. These cutting edge home innovations are not only convenient but also environmentally friendly, allowing you to save energy as you chill.


There are inverter refrigerators to preserve your food longer and keep your electric bills lower. Samsung No Frost Inverter Refrigerators, for example feature twin cooling plus technology and energy saving digital compressors. LG Side by Side Refrigerators have also smart inverter compressors that save energy up to 36%.


Inverter-equipped refrigerators also have a no on and off system. While this might sound more costly for one’s energy bill, it is actually more energy-efficient. This is because the compressor doesn’t have to work extra hard, and end up consuming a lot of energy every time it’s turned on.


SM Appliance Center also offers the very first Inverter Chest Freezer in the world from Fujidenzo. You can save up to 30 percent from your electricity cost while still getting the best freezing performance. Armed with a digital temperature control and an LCD display, this allows you to precisely control and the temperature inside the unit, ensuring that the products will always be kept fresh. It also has roller feet for easy transport and key locks to secure the products inside the freezer.


Another way to beat the summer heat and keep your home more cool and comfortable is by using inverter equipped air-conditioning units. Inverter technology promises more efficient cooling. Once the desired indoor room temperature is achieved, the compressor will operate at a low speed to maintain the desired room temperature, leading  to less electricity consumption.


There are Panasonic Wall Mounted Inverter Split Type Aircons with intelligent cooling that save up to 50% of energy; Samsung Inverter Split Type Aircon with good sleep mode; Koppel Wall Mounted Inverter Type Aircons that will give you 60% energy savings; and Koppel Wall Mounted Inverter Aircons with remote control for stress-free cooling experience for the whole family.


You can find these energy saving appliances available in selected stores of SM Appliance Center nationwide. You may also want to visit our website at or like us at












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