“Pet’s Day Fun Day out here in SM City San Pablo”





SM Supermalls Pet’s Day is all about appreciating and celebrating the joys brought by your wonderful pets in your life. If you consider your pet a member of the family, you are by no means alone. Six out of ten pet owners feel the same way and here in SM City San Pablo, we recently celebrated Pet’s day with 213 registered participants-a number that grows each and every event.

Celebrity pet lifestyle and animal advocate Ms. Mae Domingo initiated Pet’s Day in SM to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of your pets. The event include free pet grooming, free vaccines in partnership with the City Vet San Pablo Office and freebies from bayopet, and ace hardware-pet care and many more.

To make Pet’s Day memorable at SM- participants did the grand pet parade at the ground floor in SM City San Pablo. Annie the musical child star wonder Krystal Brimner, was also seen in the event. Ms. Rachel Andal, pet owner of 1 year old Persian cat said that they always have been looking forward to each pet day in SM San Pablo. It’s such an unforgettable play date for her and her cat to be part of the pet loving community. For more photos of the pet’s day event do check out SM City San Pablo Facebook and Instagram page.






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