SM City San Pablo’s #FeelGrandAtSM


Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Sometimes it’s the grandparents who make sure children get to school on time. They attend parent-teacher conferences and school events. They tutor in reading and other homework assignments. Our grandparents were always there when we need them.

Last September 11thSM City San Pablo celebrated Grandparents Day. This event gave  chance for children and the community to thank grandparents for their love and support. This special day recognizes the significant contribution that grandparents make to their families and communities. It is also an occasion for acknowledging the efforts and devotion of grandparents who are full-time carers for their grandchildren.

Here in SM City San Pablo- we celebrated grandparents’ day with an afternoon of acoustic music. All the Lolos and Lolas were also given a sash with “World greatest Lolo” and “World greatest Lola” written on it. The atrium was transform in a mini Instagram photo booth were shoppers can take photos with their loved ones. Proud lola in photo is San Pablo Central School grade 3 teacher Mrs. Ellen Wong- she has 5 grandchildren and couldn’t be more proud. She is a devoted teacher and lola who loves to go the mall.

She is only one of the many grandparents who felt special that day. Any grandparent can’t help but #feelgrandatSM and here in SM  we are committed to doing something grand for them not just on one day, but every day.For more #feelgrandatSM photos be sure to like SM City San Pablo facebook and Instagram page.



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