SM Supermalls’ Coffee Festival celebrates Laguna’s Bustling and Vibrant Coffee Scene

Coffee is one kind of beverage that plays an essential role in one’s daily activities. Every day, it’s what people on the go drink while reading the morning paper. It’s what some people end their meals with or what others like to complement their important meetings with. In this age of social media coffee no longer just keep us awake but has become our daily companion. It’s the perfect partner to our busy schedule and it’s what keeps us going.


SM Supermalls recently celebrated Coffee Festival, with this SM City San Pablo and SM City Calamba tapped the creativity and talents of emerging and established artists, while engaging a deep spirit of community among those who share a passion for great coffee. Both up-and-coming and established artists joined in painting wall murals that represents a creative, unique and personal connection to the concept of ‘coffee’ or a ‘coffee shop experience’.


This event gave artists the opportunity to be part of a growing creative community with a passion for coffee whilst giving shoppers a new mall experience as they can join and paint, or take memorable selfies with friends as they visit any SM Supermalls. SM City Calamba partnered with Guhit Pilipinas while SM City San Pablo collaborated with Pableños Group of Artist by Sinkul Culture and the Arts Association in creating a massive coffee art mural.


Coffee shops are major indicators of economic progress and coffee shops are now the new socializing tool of people. Here in Laguna the love for coffee can be seen in the emerging of various coffee shops as well as the presence of global brands like Starbucks in SM City Calamba.


The presence of coffee gives gave the community the taste of urban life. From a simple lifestyle, the community is now enjoying the sophisticated habits brought by these cafes. Indulge on curated brews from around the globe with the Coffee Festival at any SM Supermalls from September 15 to 30, 2016. For more photos of the coffee art mural do check the fb and Instagram page of SM City San Pablo and SM City Calamba. (nwr)





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