Enjoy up to 40% on fine jewelry in SM Accessories Fine Jewelry Sale ongoing at all SM Stores.
From exquisite earrings to delicate bracelets to elegant necklaces to statement rings, you’ll love these bedazzling bargains from top fine jewelry brands.
The SM Accessories Fine Jewelry Sale is ongoing until Sept 30 at all SM Stores!


  1. Princess-cut diamond ring
  2. Gold diamond ring
  3. Gold diamond rings in various designs from F&C Jewelry
  4. White gold diamond ring from F&C Jewelry
  5. Gold pearl ring from F&C Jewelry
  6. Diamond ring from F&C Jewelry
  7. White gold swirl ring from The Jeweller
  8. Exquisite ring and earrings set from MyGold
  9. Stunning diamond rings from MyGold
  10. Colored stone earrings from F&C Jewelry
  11. Butterfly ring from F&C Jewelry
  12. Multi-strand gold bangle from F&C Jewelry
  13. Gold pearl bangle from F&C Jewelry
  14. Whimsical stone necklace from F&C Jewelry
  15. Diamond bangles from F&C Jewelry
  16. Pearl bangle from F&C Jewelry



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