A Roaring Success to Laguna Trans Moto Show II

The day dawned bright and hopes were high for a good turnout. Entrants came from far and wide to show their vehicles in a number of different categories. Sleek cars all restored and customized for show competition are the main attractions in this years’ Laguna Trans Show Part II held in SM City San Pablo Parking lot C.

Now on its second year, The Herald Production’s Trans Moto Show is again a huge success and positive feedback had already been coming in thick and fast.

Mark Mallari of Herald Production said that “The idea behind The Laguna Trans Moto Show is to allow visitors to see and hear some iconic classic cars in action… and it proved so popular over the past year”. Nina Wong  Rada, SM San Pablo PR Manager said that the  show’s defining feature was the scale of the car enthusiasts that joined the event, that it’s a real treat for shoppers to see a popular Filipino ride like the jeepney customized with innovative features.  Most of the shoppers enjoyed coming to car shows and they do have a good time –taking selfies, photos with friends and meeting fellow car enthusiasts.

A total number of 249 automobiles participated in the event. Car enthusiasts were able to take a close look at a wide variety of cars, including vintage models, hot sports cars, modified trucks and customized motorcycles. The car owners drove in from all over Laguna and surrounding areas to pop their hoods, grab a chair and enjoy the camaraderie. (Nwr)laguna-trans-motos-show2


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