Finally! Gerry’s Grill in SM City San Pablo

img_8759One of the most awaited restaurant in San Pablo City has finally opened its door to San Pableños. Gerry’s Grill, a restaurant that has served sumptuous Filipino food since its opening on February 1997, is now here in SM City San Pablo. Gerry’s Grill has been making waves in Philippine cuisine for 20 years now, making it a must-visit food destination in every SM Supermalls.


Gerry’s Grill Dining area features a very cozy interior that provides a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to its customers. Also, rather than the usual table-and-chair setup, Gerry’s used classic, cushioned booths to seat diners. They also installed mirrors making the spacious space even bigger.

In addition, strategically mounted flat-screen TVs allow diners to watch the latest news, movies, sports events, music videos, and more while waiting for their orders. Gerry’s has a robust menu filled with fresh dishes, from classic Filipino favorites to exotic cuisines to beer match “pulutan”,knowing that pulutan is a must in every unforgettable get together.


Overall, it is a must try dining experience, the first Gerry’s Grill here in San Pablo City.  For more updates check out SM City San Pablo’s Facebook and Instagram page.


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