My City My SM My art presents the Baldemors of Laguna



Master Artist Manuel Baldemor belongs to a family of artists in Paete, a town known for woodcarving. A Filipino painter, sculptor, printmaker, writer and book illustrator, he is best known for his painting on various media that depict scenes from his hometown in simplified geometric forms with a folk art character.


He first attracted attention in the early 1970s with pen and ink drawings, capturing in meticulous detail the folk spirit of Paete. An avid traveler, he has held numerous one man shows in museums and galleries in the Philippines and overseas.


Baldemor has received several awards in the Philippines, and numerous invitations and grants abroad.  He was chosen artist in residence in Chile, Estonia, France, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, , Singapore, Portugal, and most recently, in Mexico.


In October 2007, his painting titled, Karo ng Sorbetes, was instrumental in capturing a Unesco seat for the Philippines during the 34th general conference in Paris. For years, his works have been in reproduction in UNICEF greeting cards which are distributed worldwide.



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