Good Friday well spent here in San Pablo!


San Pablo City is full of superlatives in terms of its naturally beautiful landscape. It’s like a pocket of paradise tucked away somewhere in Laguna where you can see peregrine falcons roaming above the sparkling waters of the lake. This city, known for being the City of Seven Lakes in the province of Laguna, is also a popular destination for devout Catholic and curious tourists. During Good Friday of Holy Week, San Pablo stands as host to the one of the prettiest and largest processions in the country.  L-R of this photo are this year’s Hermano Mayor CARD’s top man dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip, Ms Cristina Corona, Vice Governor Atyy Karen Agapay, SM City San Pablo’s PR Manager Niña Wong , Hermana Mayora Mrs An Alip and Villa Escudero’s proponent of Good Friday here in San Pablo, Don Ado Escudero. SM has been assigned in decorating the the Ecce Homo Carroza for the past 5 years.


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