Ice Playground this Summer in SM City San Pablo




There’s something about white icy pond and snowflakes that will always excite anyone who grew up in a tropical country. And with recent blockbusters such as Disney’s animated offering, “Frozen”, icy playground been made even more popular that same sense of magic and mystery intensifies even more when an attraction becomes available to children and adults alike, letting them experience what it means to have fun on a skating rink.

SM Storyland is bringing a 100 square meters skating rink in SM City San Pablo.  You can easily locate the ice playground in the mall atrium. The first ice playground located in Laguna is said to be a mall attractions for the next 3 months.(limited time only) making a unique summer statement of  a “icy cool summer “ .

To enjoy 15 minutes in the Ice Playground, guests need to pay a fee of P80. “It is inclusive of rubber boots in various kiddie and adult sizes to ensure the safety of our customers.” Guests need to be at least four years old, and are encouraged to bring their own jackets and socks.

For inquiries, call (049)521008. For updates, visit the SM City San Pablo Facebook and Instagram page.


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