CPR training for communities made accessible at SM City San Pablo


SM City San Pablo recently have partnered with the Philippine Red Cross- San Pablo Chapter to make sure lifesaving training can reach more local communities across San Pablo City. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency procedure in which a person presses up and down on the casualty’s chest (chest compressions) and gives them a series of rescue breaths to help save their life when they are in cardiac arrest.

“Save a Life, Learn CPR is an initiative by Philippine Red Cross, headed by Ms. Dorie Cabela, the team of volunteers gave CPR Training in SM City San Pablo.  The mall front liners also got a first-hand experience on how to do proper CPR.  According to Red Cross, if you come across someone who is unconscious, always check for vital signs and approach them with care. Look out for hazards such as fire, traffic and electricity and never put yourself at risk. Then:

  • Check for a response: Gently shake the person’s shoulders and ask loudly ‘are you alright?’
  • Shout for help: If someone is nearby, ask them to stay – you might need them. If you are alone shout loudly to attract attention, but do not leave the person.
  • Open their airway: Place one hand on the person’s forehead, gently tilt their head back, then lift their chin using two fingers of your other hand under their chin – when you do this you open their airway.

Keeping their head back, check if the person is breathing normally by looking for regular chest movements, listening for breathing, and feeling for breath on your cheek. Look, listen and feel for no more than 10 seconds. If you’re sure the person is breathing normally then put them in the recovery position and call the Philippine 911. PR Manager Ms. Nina Wong said “Training like this can help increase a person’s chance of survival and SM City San Pablo will continuously support initiatives like this.”


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