SM City San Pablo’s Spetacular Father’s Day


It was Father’s Day and Pet’s day in SM City San Pablo, two most awaited celebrations for the month of  June, so you can just imagine the excitement of the shoppers. It was a real treat for our pet lovers and their family because SM City San Pablo highlighted the bond between the father and their kids who joined the events while of course while promoting love to our pets.

Around the same time a short film by SM Supermalls for Father’s Day is going viral. SM posted their Father’s Day special short film, which features the story of a father who seemed to be uninterested in helping his wife and daughter prepare for the young girl’s 18th birthday celebration. “Most of us share an emotional bond with our moms. But with our dads? It’s a bit more complicated,” SM wrote. At the end of the video, the reason why her dad seem to be less affectionate was revealed thus emphasizing that Dads have feelings too.

As of posting, the video already has more than 32,000 shares, over 76,000 reactions, and almost three million views. (Source




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