National Book Reading Day to be held in SM San Pablo

20046722_1510841055690863_8420841496010521169_nAs we go on our 9th year, we have been blessed with partners who have shared the same passion in advocating the promotion of literacy development at a young age. We take lead from the Department of Education who continues to inspire us in contributing to our common goal of child development and in uplifting the level of education in our country. We acknowledge Vibal Publishing, who has been consistently providing us the tools in the past 9 years. We are grateful to Unicef, who has also been a partner and our guiding light for more than 10 years in advocating various child friendly projects. And today, we are blessed as National Bookstore & Anvil Publishing gives new meaning to National Children’s Book Reading Day by providing additional tools for learning across 67 locations.

We thank our partners from Deped, Unicef, Vibal Publishing, National Bookstore and Anvil Publishing. And on behalf of the SM Cares Community, we thank our dear parents, teachers and our beloved students from Global Kids Montessori for joining us and continuing to celebrate a time-honored and value-filled tradition of reading books to children.



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